Web Promoter informs: the regional Comptoir of Italian Agrifood products in Brussels

How to express the value of Italian Territories and be present in Brussels

LocalEco, through the sharing of this article, wants to making known the positive experience, detected by Marco Web promoter of Alta Marca, as a good omen and encouragement for the international launch of products and business network characterized  by territorial brand.

From enthusiasm  and personal aspiration to collaborate is born the fifth article on the stores of Italian agrifood products in Brussels, which is dedicated to resto-bar-retail “ Via Balbi”.

LocalEco has discovered this place, close to Porte de Namur and Avenue Louise in Brussels. Externally a restaurant-bar well established, actually it turned out to be something much more interesting.

“Via Balbi” history

“Via Balbi” is a store born more than 2 years ago thanks to Davide, a guy from Liguria region animated by an authentic passion for his region.

As Davide affirms “ Via Balbi” is a unique experience in the Brussels culinary landscape. It is a comptoir where everyone can discover product and recipes of Liguria region. A Resto-bar-retail where it is possible to taste authentic products, imported exclusively for “ Via Balbi” by producer of this beautiful region.

With an eye to sustainability in the production process, a theme that is very dear to Davide.

Besides the passion in offering to its customers products and flavor of Liguria region, by serving dishes and selling high-quality products, from a visit to “Via Balbi” transpires more. The main goal of Davide is to let its customer discover a territory, starting from its “slow” culinary traditions, the most authentic.

For example, interesting is the use of the Facebook page to explain to its customers what are the Trofie and why its name derive from strafuggia. It is not easy indeed meet people who combine advertising and  customer training. Culture and tradition divulgation, besides taste, are the normality in “Via Balbi”.

This is the leading thread that binds all the creations of “Via Balbi”, which has already achieved a good reputation in the city thank to the diligence and tradition to details lavished so far. With the certainty that this was just the beginning, LocalEco whishes “ Via Balbi” a very satisfying continuation.

Offered services and products

“Villa Balbi” first of all offers an excellent restaurant service. It is possible to taste different dishes of Liguria region tradition. Which ones? Here some examples: the Focaccia in its different variants, the Trofie with pesto with potatoes and green beans, rabbit in Ligurian way… to find out more, LocalEco invite you to lunch at “ Via Balbi”, that cooks only homemade pasta for first dishes.

All dishes can be eaten at home, if you prefer. They are indeed active the services for takeaway and home delivery. Another opportunity to enjoy the Liguria!

The store also sells many local products. Alongside the unfailing extra virgin olive oil, you can find peppers, artichokes, zucchini, garlic and olives in oil  from Taggia… also excellent jams, pesto (with garlic and not), tuna fillets in olive oil .

“Via Balbi” also has a selection of wines representing the whole of Liguria

In the midst of so much Liguria, a pinch of Marca Trevigiana is represented by the homemade tiramisu. To try!

In this regard, the writer and the Local Eco team remembers that the project “Antenna Sviluppo Alta Marca” proposed by Consulmarc Srl and funded by the Veneto Region will be made, in enterprise network open to legal entities and natural persons, companies and professionals interested in participating.

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