Cinque Consulting Sprl


Cinque Consulting Sprl

Company history

Cinque Consulting is a young innovative company with an international team of consultants specialized in the Food and Beverage industry, specifically in the Food service,, Retail and Vending sectors.

With its head offices in Brussels, (home to the European Union), Cinque Consulting, through its network of collaborators operating all over the world, is able to provide both effective and rapid solutions to those companies interested in developing new business opportunities in International markets.


Cinque Consulting Sprl

What  we do

We carry out many different types of consultancy, some of which we are already implementing in significant company projects:

  • The study, research and analysis of both International and National markets. Assessment of market demand and market potential using local collaborators.
  • Development of the International Commercial Distribution of Italian brands in the Food and Beverage industry, through an existing network of fully-operational local commercial consultants.
  • Research, selection and coordination of International suppliers for the introduction of new products in European and non-European companies. In particular Tea, Coffee, Chocolate and relative products.
  • Development of projects applying private label products, in particular Espresso coffee, Tea and Chocolate and related equipment used above all in the Hotel, Catering and Vending sectors. In this framework, the following actions are carried out: analysis of the markets of interest, study of the composition of blends, graphic development of packaging, assistance in the market positioning of the brand, selection of strategic partners (i.e. for the supplying of auxiliary equipment, fixtures and fittings), interior design and training courses, setting-up and development of a network fir distribution and sales.

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