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Company history

Veniceland was established to manage the congressional, catering and hotel business activity of Castelbrando, a castle purchased and restored in 1997 by Quaternary Investments company of the entrepreneur Massimo Colomban. .

Castello 2

Veniceland runs the Hotel, the convention centre, cultural activities with the museum areas of the castle and the shops located inside the structure. It collaborates with two other management companies that respectively follow the catering and the spa.

CastelBrando, with its two thousand years of history, was primarily a castrum in defense of the Imperial way Claudia Augusta opened in 46 d.C. Subsequently during the History, the property belonged respectively to: the Lombard, the Da Camino family, the Republic of Venice and for five hundred years to the Brandolini family.

The castle was enlarged around 1700 with a baroque wing and the San Martino’s Church, the patron of the leaders. In 1949 the Castle became the property of the Salesian Fathers and in 1998 was purchased and restored by the entrepreneur Massimo Colomban. The restoration has given it new life, making the castle the striking complex that it is today, able to meet various needs ranging from catering to culture, from entertainment to personal care.

A modern part was added to the castle during the restoration, perfectly inserted in the historical context and connected with the ancient one, where one of the two restaurants  was built

What we do

Veniceland, despite only dealing with a part of the services of the castle, also works in synergy with the other two companies to consistently promote CastelBrando, presenting the castle as a single reality without letting the customer perceive that different management companies work there.

Considering the complexity of the structure from the point of view both of the space and of the proposed activities and services, the constant comparison between the various management company is required not only for the promotion of the castle but also for daily operations.

CastelBrando has 66 rooms: 50 rooms are located in the castle, another 16 in an outbuilding located downstream. The hotel offers different types of room:

  • Single
  • Classic double
  • Doble Superior
  • Junior Suite Prestige
  • Royal Suite

Since the restoration of the whole structure took place under the supervision of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the hotel rooms could not suffer expansion works, therefore they are very similar to how they were originally, and differ substantially from each other for size, structure, position of the windows, etc…

Some historical frescoed halls and three theaters with different capacities (one of which is located outdoor) are available for events and conferences; the museum areas are six and with the possibility of guided tours with different routes and variables duration. There are two restaurants, one characterized by a more informal setting and the other more elegant, both using seasonal products and paying attention to territorial bounding.

Despite its eclectic nature, Veniceland plans all marketing operations, including even those inherent to the restaurant and to the spa.


Where we are


Tel.: 04389761


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